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In April I came back from the UK and there i discovered after not having my MBP for to long, that when I watched a Si Fi DVD  , close up , On a dark or black/grey screen m the in the centre was i white spot.


looking closely it was like a pin tip size mark on the scree, When I cam back to Borneo i took it into Mac Borneo, , It was so small They said if it s trouble , take it to the Mad repair . however that is harder and time went past and I lived with it . Sitting here stuck with Flu watching falling skies,


I cannot help noticing it, It does show when editing photos , As some time I try spotting and its the defect. Get me?


So Now I am concerned , should I get it fixed. trouble is no transport, and But of a fall out with the wife. So What to do I may be going back to the UK next month



Advice please and please make a note of this . Can it be fixed , Without replacing the screen. You can feel it under the finger nail , So small but noticeable on a dark screen.


Is it covered ?

I have a HD non refective screen.15 inch

MacBook Pro, iOS 5.1, Lion 8 gb ram Custom HD screen. 750