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i have an issue makeing purchases from the itunes store becuase i am using a new device so because of that i was prompted to answer my secret sequrity code and i dont remember the answers i provided so i was given the option of having something sent to my emailbut i no longer associte my self with that email so i called apple support and they said that they can help me if i put my ipod shuffle on my itunes account then they can help me a little more i know all my account info but my sequirty ? i made mi account december 2011 so unfortunetly i forgot i just brougth an itunes gift card to shop in the itunes store and i entered my password wicth was correct and every thing seemed fine and when i clicked buy on what i wanted it said i was useing a new computer so because of that i  am unable to shop if it is not possible to add the ipod shuffle to my account is there anything else i can do

Windows 7
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    An iPod shuffle is not associated with an Apple ID in any way, so I don't understand what it is you're asking or being told. It's also very difficult to try and decode your post what with the total lack of punctuation. Please post back and explain in more detail - with punctuation, please - what it is you're having problems with. If you're having problems purchasing from the iTunes Store, as it seems from what I can glean from your post, that has nothing to do with your iPod.