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My book is a children's music method book—Learning how to play the recorder. Almost everything in the book is imported picts of music and artwork. When I submitted it to iBookstore, never showed up. Finally was told 2 months later that I had no links from the Contents page. I have worked for days and the Bookmark and Hyperlink tools are not available for me to make those links. I have followed all instructions, but nothing works. These options are grayed out. This book also has to be in landscape only for projection in the classroom. This creates a problem with the title and copyright pages.

iBook, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Can you upload a copy of the .iba file to a server somewhere so someone can take a look, thanks.

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    KT, Thanks but I'm not sure how to do this. I tried to upload to the DonMar Solutions website, but it wouldn't open.



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    Don't bother with the upload if it isn't working either


    Not sure the hyperlink tooks would help solve the TOC issue...


    From the User Tips here:


    Basic starting interface...child's book, example:

    Crafting a chapter-less book is possible, but a minimum of one section is required. Remove the chapter label, leave the TOC blank and you'll then have a basic/generic point from which to work with. Use the 'File/Save As Template' menu before modifying further if you want to reuse later, etc.

    Does that sound like the approach you took?

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    OK. I have uploaded the iBooks Author file of my book to




    Click on My Recorder Book and it should download as a .iba file.




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    No, I didn't do those things to my book. I just used one of the templates and tried to make it work. It sure would be nice to have a blank template as a choice for the books that don't follow the norm.

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    The TOC functionality w/iBA books is such that there are limits when it comes to DIY/custom, etc. due to the hybrid e-pub format that is a the root of iBA's ebooks.


    As far as a blank book to not follow the norm...know that a standard e-pub, such as from Pages or InDesign, allow much more control with much less risk downstream.


    I'm not suggesting you do one or the other as much as trying to help you understand what you may be up against in your example.


    I'll take a look at your book download and let you know if I see anything that may help your process, but you may want to use the above child's book example to start another book.

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    I'm looking at the downloaded book...


    In iBA, go to the 'Book' view on the left, then select the first page for Chapter 1...right mouse and choose 'Reapply layout to chapter'.


    When I do that, I see the original placeholder text and images from the template in addition to your content.


    What do you see?

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    That's what I see too.

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    According to the reply I received from iTunes Connect, these are the issues that need to be fixed:


    - Table of Contents contains blank or incorrect entries. ("Book Title")

    - Missing Content in portrait mode, as an option you may choose to lock the orientation to landscape mode to correct this issue.

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    I can't get my Table of Contents to work in the iba template. The links/bookmarks won't work and instead of Table of Contents, I get "Copyright Page."


    What you are looking at now, is what I've been working on to try to fix the issues they sent. Just can't get them to work.

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    That book needs so much clean up I don't think you can fix it, sorry.


    I'd start over - again, apply the above child's book example to start another book.


    Be sure to replace the boiler plate text/images with yours, then reposition....don't just dump yours on top of them.


    If you can't use the child's book TOC example, search here on the topic, but don't ignore the minimum requirements in any case.


    And again, use Pages or InDesign if you want more control over your e-pub.


    Good luck.

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    If I use Pages, will it interface with Publisher and iBookstore? There's no way I can afford InDesign.

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    Pages has long been able to generate epubs for upload with iTP. It was in common use long before iBA

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    Thanks. I've already started. Hope it works. Seems like it shouldn't be so difficult. The PDF files work great.