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I have two Fiery RIP's connected to our network. One is for our Cannon the other is for our Xerox. Snow Leopard clients are able to set up the printers with the appropriate PPD and print fine. I am able to set up the printer on the Server in question and print fine as well.

The issue is when I create a Queue in the Print service for these Fiery RIPs. The clients can create the printer in the Print & fax prefpane but when they attempt to print to it, they get "Printer Paused" in their local queue. I never see the job in the Server queue.

If they click "Resume Printer" they get "Copying print data..." for a few seconds then the printer goes back to "Paused."

If the clients click "Job Info" the error "/usr/libexec/cups/backend/dnssd failed" is displayed in the "Job Message" field. A Google search for this error lead me to a lot of pages about Snow Leopard and the need to replace some files with an older version, but I'm not able to delete the files in that directory ("you don't have permission to rename dnssd")

I attempted to follow these directions, replacing the dnssd, lpd, ipp and socket files with 10.6.6 versions but then I can not set up the printer. ("The printer software was not installed properly")

Very strange goings on here... can anyone help?