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I need to configure my Promise Raid to be accessed by 3 different servers.  (2 xserve, 1 Dell)   Each server will have its own section for data, so it won't be a pool of data that they all can access.   We aren't using xsan or metadata.


I could be misunderstanding what I need to do but I've been reading various documents and playing around with it.


I created 3 Disk Arrays, with 4 spares.  The second array spans across the first and second enclosure.  (we have 2 enclosures with 16 drives each * 280gb)


array 0 - 2.18 tb

array 1 - 2.45 tb

array 2 - 2.99 tb


I plugged one xserve into the switch and this server saw 6 new drives.  I don't understand why it was seeing 6 and not 3. ???


I then configured lun masking so that it only sees the second array (array 1) with 2.45 tb available.  I rebooted the server and 4 of the original drives are now not mounting but I still don't understand why it's seeing 2 and not 1 drive. ???     I was able to use Disk Utility to format both drives and they show up on the Desktop as 2 different drives.   Why is it showing twice the number of available drives as I'm expecting?



I've followed the directions here:

http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3320  (Promise VTrak: How to configure LUN Mapping and Masking)



xserve is running 10.6.8

Xserve, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
Solved by alternapop on Nov 8, 2012 3:52 PM Solved

I resolved this yesterday by finding this Apple kb:


Promise VTrak: Disk Arrays appear twice"





knowing what to google helped... 'promise raid "enable lun affinity"'

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If LUN AFFINITY is disabled, you'll see one drive per logical drive per controller.  This is why the 3 logical drives show up as 6 hard disk drives to the Mac.


You must enable LUN affinity in the Mac environment.


Then when LUN Mapping and Maskin is enabled and you mask specific luns, you'll see only one instance of each disk to the server.


Please see this KB for best practices on VTrak setup.






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