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I need to configure my Promise Raid to be accessed by 3 different servers.  (2 xserve, 1 Dell)   Each server will have its own section for data, so it won't be a pool of data that they all can access.   We aren't using xsan or metadata.


I could be misunderstanding what I need to do but I've been reading various documents and playing around with it.


I created 3 Disk Arrays, with 4 spares.  The second array spans across the first and second enclosure.  (we have 2 enclosures with 16 drives each * 280gb)


array 0 - 2.18 tb

array 1 - 2.45 tb

array 2 - 2.99 tb


I plugged one xserve into the switch and this server saw 6 new drives.  I don't understand why it was seeing 6 and not 3. ???


I then configured lun masking so that it only sees the second array (array 1) with 2.45 tb available.  I rebooted the server and 4 of the original drives are now not mounting but I still don't understand why it's seeing 2 and not 1 drive. ???     I was able to use Disk Utility to format both drives and they show up on the Desktop as 2 different drives.   Why is it showing twice the number of available drives as I'm expecting?



I've followed the directions here:

http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3320  (Promise VTrak: How to configure LUN Mapping and Masking)



xserve is running 10.6.8

Xserve, Mac OS X (10.6.7)