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This topic is posted here because it deals mostly with file sharing and OS 10.6.


A business wants one (and only one) computer on the network to have several FMP data files on employees, and then have five computers with FMP client software open and modify those files.  Password protection is not important.


It seems that:


1.  The Mac having those data files must have a fixed IP and that IP must be used by the accessing computers

2.  File sharing turned on.

3.  The data files should be in a folder in the SHARED folder of the Users folder

4.  Proper privileges need to be assigned to that folder






•  1.  Is there any way for the guests to access the single computer without knowing the IP ?  Must the IP of the host computer always be fixed ?


•  2.  Can sign on be facilitated by placing an alias of the folder on the dektop of the guests and storing the password, such that the guest merely clicks on the alias and the folder opens displaying the data files on the host computer ?


•  3.  Since licensed FMP will be on all of the computers, the data file should open up with the client software on each computer, and any changes saved bat to the host.   Has there been any corruption by this technique ?


•  4.  What happens if the host computer attempts access of one data file  at the same time a guest is accessing ?    Is access denied ?


•  5.  In this setting, is "the Cloud" (with name and password protected web access) superior to local file sharing ?



They are on low bandwidth ADSL.  The CEO of this business does not want to use "the Cloud" to host the data files, and doesn't want to use a stand alone local server.



Thank you.