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I am finding that a number of tracks are cutting off before they finish whether played on Mac or iPod and at exactly the same point in the song. I think these are mostly downloaded tracks rather than those copied from CD.  What has caused this and can it be corrected? I've not played my entire library so can't say what proportion are affected but a reasonably significant number of my most frequently played tracks are affected.

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    Does the track play correctly in Quicktime Player?  If it does then it is an iTunes issue.  If it doesn't then it is possible the file was not completely downloaded, or is corrupt.  If you believe it is corrupt:


    If you are in a country where re-downloading is possible (check this with iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match Availability by Country - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5085), delete the track (and the original file) and download again (Downloading [using iOS or computer] past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store - http://support.apple.com/kb/ht2519).  See tips on downloading in https://discussions.apple.com/message/19097773, especially unchecking the "Allow Simultaneous Downloads" box in the downloads tab of iTunes.


    Select the store on the left side of iTunes.
    Click on Purchased on the right side under Quick Links.
    You can re-download your available previous purchases.

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    I checked and the tracks all play perfectly in Quicktime Player so from what you say it is probably an iTunes error so should I download iTunes again?

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    I guess you could try re-downloading a track (corrupt downloads are not too unusual), but if they are playing correctly in Quicktime that suggests the file is intact.


    Use File > Show in Finder to reveal a file location in Finder.  Go back to iTunes and delete the entry in iTunes but don't let it delete the file.  Now go back to Finder and drag the file back to iTunes to add it again.  Does this help?

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    mine are cutting off - i didn't sign up for itunes match - and these are songs I burned directly from CDs.

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    My tracks are also skipping even when imported from CD, so there's no file corruption during download.

    This is happening when playing in iTunes, with music stored on an external hard drive, although it used to also happen when all music was on the internal hard drive.


    I know it's not the files that are at fault as I can play the tracks with no skipping using e.g. VLC media player.


    OS: Windows 7 with all updates.
    Drivers all updated.

    Latest version of iTunes as at 3 Aug 2013


    Any ideas please folks?


    Many thanks.



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    Any thoughts please community / Apple support??