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I'm having a slight problem with my podcast. Whilst searching for it on iTunes/ in the podcast app, all the episodes show up with their right name. They're named "DDIFGIM [episode number] [something]". And when you look at the podcast page in the podcast app it is no problem. But when you're subscribing to it, and is watching the episodes in the library page, all the episodes are named the same thing. And that is just "ddifgim". Listeners are complaining because they can't find the episode they want to listen to. And I've heard that sometimes when you play an episode (say it's published november the 1st), the podcast app play an older episode (like something published a mont ago). How do I solve this?




I'm using wordpress and feedburner. Here is a link to my feed in feedburner: (http://feeds.feedburner.com/ddifgim) as you can see the episodes have their full names.


I'm attaching pictures of how it looks like in the podcast app (on my iPhone)


Here is how it looks like in the library, that is wrong:


And here is how it looks like in the catalogue in the podcast app, that is right:


Help me please!

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    I can't advise directly on the podcast app as I don't have an iOS device. However: the podcast works normally in iTunes on a Mac.


    Looking at the feed, each episode has a tag called 'media title' which in each case contains only 'ddifgim', so it can only be there that the app is picking up what it's showing in your first screenshot (which by the way is so small I can barely read it).


    Why it's doing this with a tag which iTunes isn't supposed to be able to read I don't know, but obviously your workaround is to change what's in this tag so that it contains what you want to show. I can't advise on how to do this in WordPress - or Feedburner, whichever is producing this tag (you should start by looking at the Wordpress feed to see if the tag is there or whether Feedburner has added it) so you will need to look at the various entry fields to see if you can find out where this has been entered.

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    Okey, thanks! I see it too now in my XML feed. The problem is I don't have a clue how to change it. And i wonder, if i change it, would'nt it show that new name on all episodes instead? I want them to be unique.

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    You should be able to change it differently for each episode. Have you checked whether it's present in the WordPress version of the feed? Probably it is, and if so you will have to trawl around in WordPress to find out where to change it.

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    Joar - Have you managed to find a solution to this, i am having the exact same issue with my podcast


    When searching for the podcast in itunes or on the app is displays everything correctly, but in the app as soon as i subscribe and view the episodes in library the epsiode titles are all the same.


    After roger mentioning the Media Title tag in the feed, i checked mine and this is the same for me, it appears that it is looking at this tag to get the episode title.


    My Feed (http://tpsuk.wordpress.com/category/podcast/feed/)


    Extract from feed

    <media:title type="html">tpsuk</media:title>


    the 'tpsuk' is what all my epiosdes are being called.


    So was wondering if you found a solution or where to change this in wordpress or the feed?


    Any help would be great