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Hi Guys,


I am having trouble transferring tapes from my Canon XH-A1s camera into FCE (1080i 25fps as shot on the camera). 

I am getting the message: "end of tape encountered" intermittently.

I am using the "capture" function and sometimes it will copy a full take (i.e around 3 minutes of a music performance).  Other times it will only run for

5 or 6 seconds then stop and receive this message.

I am copying by firewire 800 into a 2t. external drive.  I have tried changing leads, shutting down and rebooting etc. but still get this intermittent result.

It's just hit and miss!

I would greatly appreciate any assistance.  Thanks in advance.

  • Bengt Wärleby Level 6 Level 6



    I only use a miniDV tape Camera - but when this comes up it use to be due to

    • un-loading tape then re-loading it - or -

    • a bit into the tape - back wind and view a bit - then go past end of last recording to cont. recording

    • drop outs on the tape


    To make the best of this situation I do

    • use the memory function in my Camera to wind till where last recording ends

    • never un-load tape until it is finished

    • Import tape into iMovie HD6 (as I can set this to not import as individual clips) - usually mend this

    • Copy from one Camera to another - ONTO A PRE-Recorded tape - to get a full continuous TimeCode/Base


    • If nothing helps I use my A/D-box and do an analog import (Canopus ADVC-300 - now called Grass Valley ADVC-300) as this has a TimeCode repair function - even keeps audio in perfect sync while tape contained drop-outs.


    If this apply to Your HD-Pro Camera - is out of my range Error - Sorry


    Yours trying to be of help - Bengt W

  • paddymel Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks very much Bengt W.

    I have been investigating with the tape as per your experience.  I have also had success transferring the tape into iMovie (no problems) then dragging the file into FCE and working on them (also no problem).

    Has anybody else encountered this problem?