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I'm still having activation issue 's I have had my phone opened by O2 and had my phone sim activated and it still says bno service on my sim although I know it's ok ? The phone in question is not this one

IEMI number for the in usable phone is

01 194800 604304 3

I'm really shocked that I never got a return call from apple that they arranged, I called Apple, with cost to myself and even spoke to one of the managers online who again went through on iTunes , manually , in all the modes available to reactivate my phone, I don't know what to do know as I am disabled I cannot get to an Apple store, The phone was working till I downloaded the new ios6 , that's when it all bargain, as I said I'm at my wits end, I asked if this was a common fault n was told no but on the Internet it seems a really big common problem, I have tried everything had anyone there got any more suggestions? Even a reconditioned replacement would be great ,

Yours hopefully

Jacqueline Dowson

iPhone 3GS, iOS 6