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Hello, im having issues with using multiple external devices in Logic Pro 9.  I have a virus TI 2 and a prophet hooked up to a Saffire Pro 40 audio card which I am using the Midi Hub. 


Basically, If I have an external instrument (prophet) playing on a track I have to turn the virus off or else there is midi problems communicating with the prophet 08.


The Biggest issue i'm having here is that when the midi data in the external instrument track is playing, if I'm selected on the track while its playing, I get an extreme cluster #$)* of midi on the midi input display and it completely and utterly destroys what the prophet is trying to play into logic.


In my Midi setup on Mac Snow Leopard, I have the ins and outs of the prophet going to the saffire pro 40.  The virus is connected and playing midi via USB. 


Anyone know how I should be setting this up so the midi information is not getting messed up?  Yes, I have consulted the user manuals. 

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), 12 core 32 mb ram saffire pro 40