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Hi all,


I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask these questions. It its not, please point me to the right one.


I'm a software developer and I need to validate a swing application - that runs on a applet - on mac osx (Lion). More specifically I need to make that validation using JRE 6.


With the update 2012-006 we are forced to install JRE 7. Fortunatelly we still can use the Apple-provided Java SE applet plug-in by following the steps mention in here.


The problem is that this update also removes the Java Preferences application from the Utilities menu which I really need.


So, is there any way I can access to that Java Preferences application after this update? How can I set Runtime Parameters for example if I cannot access to the Java Preferences?


If there is no way to access to the preferences, where can I find a Apple-provided Java SE version - prior to this update - so I can install it and have the Java Preferences back?


At this moment I erased the hard drive so I have the Java Preferences back. The problem is if I try to open it I get a dialog saying "To open 'Java Preferences' you need a Java SE 6 runtime. Would you like to install one now?" and of course, if I reply install, I will get the update 2012-006 back.


Any clue of how can I solve this?


Thanks in advance

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    If you installed Java 7 the preferences should be in your System Preferences under "Other" category.


    The last Java update disabled Java plug-in and removed Java Preferences.app from your Utilities folder.

    You can re-enable Java by following this support article


    Or, you can update to Oracle's Java 7 here


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    You can re-enable Java by following this support article



    Ok, imagine I re-enable Java using that article. How can I then access to those preferences? You can activate it but there is no way you can access to its poreferences...

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    Yes, it seems that others have run into the same issue. See this thread for possible workarounds on page 3.


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    Check out the Java for Mac FAQs. IIRC, you have to install the SDK.

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    Ok, finally I was able to get the Java Preferences to work (for java 1.6.0_37) after installing patch 2012-006


    The basic problem is that with the update 2012-006 the Java Preferences is removed from the Utilities menu and there is no way to access to the Java preferences after you follow the steps mention here.

    This was a problem for me because I need to check information in the Java console when running my java application but if I cannot access to the Java preferences, how can I check the option "Show Console" in the Advanced tab in the Java Preferences?!


    So, by following the following steps I was able to get the Java Preferences back:


    1. If you have a backup of the Java Preferences in the time machine then just to step 3.

    Make a fresh install of my Mac osx. When that is done, if you access to the Utilities, you should have the Java Preferences there. If you try to open it, it will ask to download the last version but you DONT WANT TO DO THAT YET.


    2. Make a backup of the Java Preferences.app . I used the shell for that:

    cp -r /Application/Utilities/Java\ Preferences.app/ /Users/(your_user)/Desktop/Java\ Preferences.app

    That will make a copy of the Java Preferences in your desktop.


    3. Go to Utilities and open Java Preferences. When asked to install the latest update do it (the Java preferences will be removed, but we have a backup)


    4. After the instalation is done, follow the instruction in here to activate 1.6.0_37 java plugin.


    5. retore the backup of your Java Preferences in the Utilities folder:

    cp -r /Users/(your_user)/Desktop/Java\ Preferences.app /Applications/Utilities


    6. Open Java Preferences in the Utilities folder. You should see the following



    There is still a problem because since I'm not able to add Applet Runtime Parameters but at least I got the console back which I really need.


    Hope this helps someone...

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    Here's another way to re-install just the Java Preferences application, if you happen to have the original Mountain Lion installer app still available:


    - right-click "Install OS X Mountain Lion" app in /Applications, and "Show Package Contents"

    - go to Contents/SharedSupport

    - copy "InstallESD.dmg" to a suitable place (f.ex. your Downloads folder)

    - mount the copied disk image; the mounted disk will be "Mac OS X Install ESD"

    - on this disk, go to "Packages"

    - copy "JavaEssentials.pkg" to a suitable place (f.ex. your Downloads folder)

    - use Pacifist or some other similar tool to open and browse JavaEssentials.pkg

    - locate "Java Preferences.app" in /Applications/Utilities and extract it to your local disk


    YMMV, but this worked for me.

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