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Hi all,


I have a MBP Mid 2010 with 4g mem ddr3 1066.

I tried to install 8g but ddr 1333 and didnt work.

But I put one old memory 2g ddr3 1066 with one new 4g ddr3 1333 and its work.

is there an bios update or something like that that I can use the two new memory 4g ddr3 1333, I know if that works, mbp uses 1066 and not 1333 speed, but its ok.

Anyone can help me???



MacBook Pro 2010, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Simple. Put the memory that is spec for your MBP. No bios (this is not a pc). Use what the specs require. 1033 won't make anything go faster.

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    thanks for answer... but i`ve bought a wrong memory... my intention is not to use the memory into 1333 speed, but into 1066. I think its possible... but I didn`t find a solution yet. sorry my english

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    Use the memory that meets the spec. Return the wrong memory and get the right chips. I hope you understand my English.

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    thanks again Sig.

    I'm trying to change the memory with the vendor... but if I could change the bios settings, to change the max speed for the memory slots, these memorys will work fine, only it'll run in 1066 (thats not a problem for me).

    Looking into the net, I've found some people modifying the bios settings, but its necessary to install windows, and I don't want it... So, if you or anyone knows how to change the memory speed settings I 'll be very thankfull.