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I'm new the the iPhone. I got the iPhone 5 and was very happy to get it set up.  I got iMessage going as well.  I have it set on my computer and on my phone.  I use both regularly to message my friends. 


Recently, a friend has told me that my text messages are getting cut off.  Not much, usually the last few words.  They aren't long texts at all. Usually less then the single text limit.  My message history shows the correct message, and on her end it's missing a few words at the end. 


In addition, she just told me that she didn't get two of my messages???? 


How can I diagnose this problem?  Is is a phone, setting, or service issue?


Please help!

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
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    Are these regular SMS messages or iMessage? SMS are a carrier issue, especially if they are going at all. iMessage is a data use, similar to an email.

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    iMessage on both devices.  And it doesn't seem to matter which device I'm sending from.  One message from my iPhone got cut off, one from my MacBook wasn't received.  And she has iMessage on both devices and it doesn't come to either.

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    You can check this support document for any hints http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2755.

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    I think there's an issue between Messages on OSX, and the iPhone.  I have a friend on an iPhone 5 who was complaining that some of my iMessages have the last word missing.  This evening, I was using Messages with her, with the same coversation open on my iPhone and iPad. 


    When she pointed out a Message that had the last word missing (sent from the Messages OSX app), I looked what my iPad thought I sent, the full message was there, it was fine.  But on the iPhone, sure enough, the last word of my sent message was missing. Sending the exact same message again, but from the iPad this time, all was fine.  Sending it again from the Messages OSX app, and the last word was missing again (but only on the iPhone, iPad was fine).


    Definitely a bug.  The message I sent:


         There is a post on an Apple discussion board, where some other bloke is seeing the same thing.  But not many people have raised this issue, so I guess it's not widespread.  It's very weird.


    The word "weird." didn't appear. :-)

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    This is happening to me too.  Both my iMac and iPhone operating systems are running the latest versions too!  Apple please fix this!  You are supposed to be better than this Apple!  FIX IT.  Please.

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    Well for one, this is not Apple. These are users, just like yourself that try and answer technical questions from other users. Stating comments and ending them with an exclamation for emphasis does not get Apple to do anything, they do not participate in these forums. The only way to get Apple aware of a problem is to submit feedback at www.apple.com/feedback.

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    I have been experiencing the same exact thing described by Miketja above.  Everything works great, but the iPhone randomly cuts off the last word of a message.  iPad always shows the whole thing, as does iMessages.  Prior to today, I thought it was a bug with iMessages on Lion. I updated to the latest software on all my devices and my mac and still the same. 


    Anyone know anything further about this?  Any word on a fix?  Thanks!

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    This just started happening to me too.  With only one person in particular.  My other friends don't seem to be affected.  I am running Mac OS X 10.8.


    Is it possible that Apple has implemented a kind of content filtering in their Messages application?