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Its calling them Audio CD,Track 1, Track 2 eg.

and no artwork

iPod classic
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    sorry i meen ipod touch

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    The iPod type seems irrelevant at the moment, as presumably what you mean is that when you import a CD into iTunes, there is no information about the songs etc.


    iTunes will name the songs as track 1, track 2 etc if iTunes is unable to contact the Gracenote database and get the information about the CD.


    Have you been able to get the information about other CDs previously, but not any more? Or is it just this one CD? In other words, do you know how this is supposed to work, or are you a new user?


    If you do know how it works, can you see iTunes attempt to get the information about the CD? (A small box saying Gracenote should briefly appear in the top left corner of your iTunes window shortly after iTunes sees the CD.) Are there any error messages?


    The artwork is a separate issue.