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Is there a way, other than overview, to look at the next step/s in Maps?  I know you can go to Lists, but I like to scroll through the step by step Map view in advance so its less distracting while trying to deal with traffic.  This was available in the prior  version of (Google) Maps.


Interestingly, I when I used Maps today after upgrading to iOS 6.0.1 yesterday, I thought it was added to Maps.  For some reason voice navigation was not working this morning, but I could scroll to the next step.  When I re-started my phone in hopes of getting the voice navigation to work: voice navigation was back, but the ability to scroll through the next steps on the Maps was lost.


How can I scroll through all the step by step directions in Map view?



iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
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    The only way to scroll through directions in Maps is if you search for a route that is not from your current location. If from current location, it will not scroll, but if you search for a route from two different locations you can scroll, actually swipe, along the different turns.

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    Ok, that appears to be the case.


    However, why is the Swipe feature only available when not using your Current Location?  I would really like the Swipe feature to be available regardless of the method of search (Current Location versis typed location).


    It appears that cetain functionality is mutually exclusive.


    If inputting two locations locations, Swipe feature available but not turn-by-turn voice navigation or ETA statistics.


    If using Currentl Location, just the opposite features are available.


    All these features should be available all the time.  Seems like a great feature.

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    That I couldn't tell you. You can provide feedback to Apple here: www.apple.com/feedback.

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    Thanks - I just submitted it as a Design/Ease of Use feedback for iPhone 4s v 6.0.1


    Others should/can do the same if you want this added - I think it makes using Maps, SAFER because the User can preview the navigation and only glance over at the Map View for a refresher while dealing with traffic.

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    You're welcome.