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I am cleaning up the attic and found two Wacom tablets in excellent condition (UD-0608 A ArtZ II and KT-0405-A ArtPad) . One pen of course.


I would like to install these on my os8 or os 9 box and need the extensions, I think.


The pads plug in to my 3400 using the ADB port, the pad lights up orange and turns green when I use the pen on them. The cursor doesnt move.


Where canI find extensions ? control Panels for the ADB Wacom Tablets?



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    Do a Google search using Wacom tablet extension driver


     Cheers, Tom

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    yeah , put about an hour into it before giving up and trying here. The drivers get me windoze software, extension nothing. I did see a lot of osx stuff with usb adapters that are kinda neat.


    Did they include the drivers with PhotoShop 3?

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    These tablets should emulate a simple mouse without any additional driver installed. If the mouse isn't moving as you "draw" on the tablet, then it is likely that the pen you are using is for a different model tablet. Pens from the Artz seriaes will NOT work with the Intuos series, etc.


    The lights (as you describe them) indicate that the tablet itself is working.


    I called Wacom recently to see if I could get a pen for my own UD-0608-A tablet. I ralked to a very helpful man who said they discontinued ALL support for these old tablets in 2010 and removed all driver downloads from their website.


    You MIGHT try calling them yourself to see if they will provide an FTP link that still works.



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    KenZakreski wrote:


    Did they include the drivers with PhotoShop 3?

    No, they've always been provided by Wacom because they worked with more programs than just Photoshop.