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We make hand-coded, read-aloud iBooks. They highlight words as they are read in the audio. One of our customers' favorite ways to consume our books (and one of our favorite ways to demo our books) is to put them up on a TV screen via Airplay. It's an excellent experience.


Unfortunately, since iOS6 and iBooks 3, this doesn't work anymore. We can still turn on Airplay (display mirroring) and show the book on the TV but as soon as we start read-aloud the screen goes black and acts as though it's going to play a full-screen video. As soon as the read-aloud is done for the page, the view of the page returns. We can replicate this behavior with any book including Apple's own Fixed Layout example book.


My question: has anyone else seen this behavior? Does anyone have any workaround ideas?


Thanks in advance.

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    Hi gadgetmax, I noticed the same problem as well.  I tested on an Apple TV 2 and 3, across iPads and iPhones, and no luck finding a workaround.  I checked the Asset Guide and noticed it was updated to 5.1.  I made the revisions to my epub and tried again but still no luck.  Apple also updated their Fixed Layout Example to 3.0 but again that also exhibits the same issue.  I'm guessing we'll just have to wait until Apple fixes this bug in iBooks.  If you find anything else I would love to hear it.




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    I have the same problem - trying to look for a solution. Talking to Apple Tech Support. Hope they come up with something soon.