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I have a mini - late 2010 2.4 ghz core 2 duo - that just started black-screen crashing and failing to wake from sleep. Up to a few dasy ago this was a really bulletproof machine! When trying to restart it afer a crash it sometimes emits three weak beeps (sometimes more).


Apart from spontaneous motherboard failure (??) I can only guess that the RAM failed (an 8GB upgrade installed last fall). I pulled one 4GB RAM board and the mini booted again! But it still sometimes fails to wake from sleep, and sometimes give the three beeps. I've run REMBER (a memory test program) on one of the RAM boards and it passes the test. My next step is to test the second one -- but whether it passes or fails there seems to be something else going on.


I'd love to try the Apple Hardware Test but:

- pressing D on startup has no effect (even when starting up with the original install DVD)

- pressing Option-D brings up an Internet-loading screen that brings up a Hardware Test screen then tells me my computer is not supported.


Is the AHT simply unavailable for my model of Mac? And/or is there any way to test my hardware?

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 8GB RAM, Apple Extreme and Express