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Did a full reset of my computer and fresh install of Logic Pro 9.1.8 (32-bit) . I used to use control and arrows to zoom in and out of my arrange window, got used to the default settings for that. Thing is...Everytime I zoom in either with key commands, zoom tool, and sidebar zoom, any kind of zoom...Logic automatically zooms all the way out. Sometimes by a bit...Sometimes the whole way. It just gets really annoying and impossible to work. Anyone know what could be the problem?


EDIT: I noticed it doesn't automatically zoom out vertically but only horizontally.

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    BUMP, could really use any type of advice!

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    Mik, did you look at the Key-command options for this?

    I personally use <ctrl-alt> while lassoing around the area of interest, clicking on empty space while pressing <ctrl-alt> returns me to the original zoom state. In addition the Key-command <z> is very useful to blow up a chosen selection to make it fit my screen.



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    My problem is the horizontal scroll. It always seems to center itselfs. If I drag the horizontal scroll to make it smaller (to zoom in horizontally), it always enlarges by itself (zooms out horizontally) so everything is centered. This happens anyway I zoom in whether it be command keys, zoom tool, or scroll bars IN the main arrange or piano roll. What makes it even weird is that it does this when it wants. Sometimes I'll be fine and no problems...but most of the time it will always want to zoom out horizontally.


    I never had this problem the past 4 years until I refreshed the computer and fresh reinstall of logic w/ current updates. im lost guys and need help


    this guy is having the same issues I'm having...


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    Please anyone have suggestions!!!

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    When I open a New Project and add either a Instrument or Audio track...I begin to zoom in horizontally, then the problem occurs where the horizontal zoom bar zooms out by itself.



    When I open a Logic Template (Electronic) I don't have this problem. When I zoom in horizontally, it stays at the point i left it. But when I add another audio or instrument track...The problem occurs again with the horizontal bars having a mind of its own.



    Maybe this can help?

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    Well Mik, since this has bothered you now for weeks and nobody on this forum has got the solution obviously, you should try some other available options concerning the zoom functionality. Why don't you make this Logic Template (Electronic) your project template, or try to adapt a different zoom behavior like I suggested in my earlier mail. It is rather difficult to suggest something else because I can not reproduce your zoom problem on my system.


    Have a nice day!

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    This could be something to do with your controller.  Disconnect any control surfaces to check.  You might also take a gander in the key commands (search zoom) and delete those that sound like they pertain to your issue.  I doubt that your computer keyboard is accidentally sending out an errant 2 or 3 key message, but you can spot key commands that are triggered by MIDI in the assignment pane.