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So what is the difference? Obviously I know that photo stream is through iCloud and if you take a pic with one device it sends to all just like modifications of contacts, purchasing songs, etc.


I currently use iPhoto for my picutres... if I turn on photo stream does that interfere with iPhoto?

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    See these links:


    iCloud: Photo Stream FAQ


    iCloud: Photo Stream Troubleshooting


    iCloud: Using and troubleshooting Shared Photo Streams


    Are you asking about iPhoto on your mobile devices or iPhoto on your Mac? And if Mac, what is your iPhoto and Mac OS X version?


    If you enable Photo Stream in one of your Photo Libraries on your Mac, you can decide, if you want to have automatic import or export from the photo Stream.

    If you select automatic import, all photos from the stream will automatically imported in monthly events, for example "November Photo Stream".

    And if you select "Automatic Upload" any photo you import to iPhoto will be added to the Photo Stream. But you can opt for manual import and upload. Then only the images you drag from the PhotoStream will be added to your library and only what you drag to the Photo Stream will be uploaded to your IOS devices.