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I subscribe to a couple podcasts whose cover art changes per episode, however the podcast app does not display this but displays the stock cover art from the itunes store for the podcast. The cover art is relevant to the discussion in each episode and I would really like to see it. It showed up correctly when podcasts were in the music app and it shows up in other apps such as icatcher. Is there a hidden setting somewhere (the podcast app seems to be full of them and is very confusing) that I can switch to download the proper cover art? Thank you.

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1
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    I am also wondering how to put in any art?.

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    I have the same issue. The cover art is different on each of my devices and seems to be the first coverart from podcast that loaded the first time I opened the app.


    Can anyone shed some light?

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    With iOS 7 you can no longer play podcasts in the music app, so having now been forced to move to the podcast app in iOS7, I now have this same album art problem.


    The No Agenda podcast art is different for each episode but it is not displayed in the Podcast app. It just displays the stock art from the subscibe page.. The updated art is displayed in iTunes but not the Podcast app. 


    Everything worked great when playing podcasts in the music app.. I wish they had just left well enough alone instead of forcing the podcast app on us.

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    I Totally agree, the cover art function is bugged severely! i have had nothing but problems with cover art since they moved podcasts out of the iTunes music app. Get rid of Podcasts and put it back in the iTunes music app like it should be.