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Trying to relocate my main ITunes library from my Mac Pro to a Mac Mini Server running 10.6.8. Copied the iTunes folder to an external USB hard drive attached to the Mini that I use for a number of other file services. Changed the iTunes library pointer to the new location using the iTunes pref dialog. Watched iTunes dutifully import the library, which now shows up in the local iTunes interface. I can browse the song listing, get metadata on songs, etc. Shared the library. Also, set permissions on the iTunes folder on the drive to guest readable.


The library is now visible under Shared items for all my other OS X machines or iOS devices but if you select the library iTunes times out without populating the UI with the song listings, and the Music app on iOS devices crashes. For comparison, selecting the equivalent share from my Mac Pro from another instance of iTunes on a different box populates in a a few seconds.


I can see and copy from the disk through the Finder. Remote users access the disk for read/write via IP too.


Any suggestions? I'm guessing it's some weird permissions thing somewhere. Everything sure looks world readable.




-- Roger