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Hey guys. Quick question. I uploaded my first book, and was met with only two tickets regarding its content. Easy to fix, but I had to update the metadata (title), cover art, and book assets.


I followed the instructions found here:




but there is a part of those instructions that says "Most of the required fields will be filled in for you, but you will need to include text in the "What's New" field to update your book."


That didn't happen for me. I was met with a completely empty iTunes Producer window (all other info such as pricing, categories were removed).


Rather than fill everything back in, I took the existing .itmsp file from my previous upload, modified the book title, cover art, and assets, and re-delivered.


Was this an OK way to update the book? I'm noticing in the "Manage Your Books" section of iTunes Connect that it does register a 1.1 update (my original was of course 1.0) but none of the other stuff that I changed is reflected in that window yet.


I was wondering if anyone has any insight to this process. Thanks!

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    I had a similar problem.


    I think  with the new iTunes Producer and  iBook requirements following the recent updates,  the  process is to ignore your previous itmsp upload file and use the Publish option in iBA.

    I had to get the Vendor info  from my iTunes Connect account - leave the page open!

    Use the  vendor ID to set your process going and carry on as before filling in the blanks. I used copy and paste from iTC for the description etc or presumably you can start again.

    You will need to  re- fill every step  and when you get to  the assetts  you are asked if its the same book or a new version. Version No 1.1 is in place IF  you advise a new version.

    I had a problem here  - it said it was the same book although I had added new images and  captions  and corrected typ0s and out of line stufff!  


    An error msg said I needed to include a preview.( mine is a free book  and previews were not required before)  I  opened iBA at the book, duplicated, saved as name-Preview and butchered lumps out to leave a fair variety over 15 pages. Back in the producer I added that preview and moved on to the book cover and screen shots. Everything was OK.

    Now in iTC  I have a new orange dot with 1.1 Review Pending.


    I assume that all version info is retained by vendor info and if  we do new versions and open it via the metadata options.. all will be in place as before the updates  and asking for version 1.2


    I am not saying this is Apples  way - its  what I did to get the book updated and back in the store.

    The original or previous version will stay in the store unless and intil a review is passed.

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    Thanks vinnyvg! That sounds like a good work around.


    Just to put it in print, I also called the iBooks-specific help phone number and emailed the support. Both were VERY helpful. The phone call, surprisingly, lasted all of 10 minutes from dialing the number, to contacting a human, to her checking into my questions. Really great.


    The answer I got from both points of contact was that you actually can use the same .itmsp file. The advantage is that it retains all of your metadata, just have to delete and re-add any info/assets!


    Now one of my books was made in iBA, the other was made in Pages and converted to ePub for upload through iTunes Producer. The only thing I'm unsure of now is that, unlike in iBA, you cannot specify that this is a new version. I'm trying to upload this one now. I'll post how it goes.