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I'm using EasyCap to screen record videogames (like Wii and PS3 games via AV cables), and everything is fine when i upload the videos and the sound to iMovie. Once the video is in iMovie, i begin to have problems. The video of the recording starts advancing and getting ahead of the audio. These are long clips (from 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours), and after 5 minutes there's about a half second difference between the two. I tried detracting the audio, and it didn't help. The BIG difference here is the video is advancing faster than the audio (NOT the audio begins to lag behind the video). After about a 30 minute span, there's a three second change between the audio and the video. Its frustrating.


My question to you people, is there any way to slow down (verryyy gradually) the video, or correct this completly? I don't think think there's anything wrong with my screen capture device. Thanks.