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Yvan - I have come across this archived discussion - which matches my exact problem and needs -




You solved the problem with an applescript!


I was wondering if you still have this script. I cannot seem to find the referring article where you solved it.


In Hope



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    You can find Yvan's scripts here. I may be able to help you to make the contact, so if you have trouble with finding or using the script you are referencing, shoot me an email.



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    Thank you Jerry! I might take you up on your kind offer. I'll have a look to see if Yvan's box account contains the script. If not or if it is not exactly what i had in mind I would very much appreciate your help. Again thank you for offering.

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    Hi Jerry, (did try emailing but in case you wanted to stay on the forum ill post here also)


    Yvan had so many scripts and zip files I could never find the OP's answer!


    I am not sure if you read the original post - (https://discussions.apple.com/message/8943167#8943167)


    To save you reading - what the OP and myself are trying to do is print the second sheet of the grade book template (with the chart) for all the pupils so that I could give it to them at the end of term. I have 305 pupils at my school and don't want to generate all the reports individually and the OP seemed to think that applescirpt was the way to go - which Yvan created! Somebody else suggested Mailmerge into Pages (and it was apparently in a Pages forum that Yvan solved the problem - so possibly it was a mail merge solution.) Applescript is beyond me - and so here we are! Would it be possible to create a script that would call the pupils individually and create the table and chart - or even just the chart?


    I do appreciate your help again (you have help me before a few times in the forum).

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    Mail Merge would be a great solution, with one limitation, I think. The problem is that Pages doesn't seem to be able to insert a mail merge field in a chart data array, and I know that it can't make a chart from Data in a Table. If you can do the report without the chart, you're on your way with mail merge.