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I subscribe to a large number of podcasts for my university course that are indexed from a private server. I can download and play all episodes of the podcasts to iTunes 10.7 for Mac without a problem.


When I try to sync these with my iPhone 5 running iOS 6.0.1 and with Podcasts 1.1.2, all the podcast containers seem to transfer over, but the episodes in them are variably copied. For example, one podcast has 20 episodes on iTunes, but on the iPhone the same podcast has no episodes. Others might have 1 or 2 episodes. Others still have all the episodes.


I have tried deleting all the podcast data from the phone and resyncing without any improvement in the problem. iTunes is instructed to sync all episodes of all podcasts with the iPhone.


It seems to me like this is clearly yet another bug in the Podcasts app, although I'd be happy to be proved wrong. Does anyone have any suggestions, or do I just have to wait for Apple to fix this complete rubbish app? Forget the problems with Maps, Podcasts is complete garbage. I would prefer syncing to spinning tape reels any day.


I wonder if iTunes 10.8 will fix this...

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1