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I know one way is to Jail brake your i gadget.. But is there a more simpler way? I would really prefer to downgrade to 5.1.1 thanks. ANYTHING is better than iso 6.

I have an iPad 2 wifi and an iPhone 3GS

Reason why Id like to downgrade is because .. Well , my ******* iPad is useless .. I usually take bus trips around where ever I go.. But with the new stupid map ****, it doesn't know what one of the most busiest street just down the road.

The other thing is YouTube is deleted .. Having an iPhone 3GS I'm pretty use the the slide the volume button.. And that it actually does a FULL SCREEN.

Not to mention, by having iPhone 3GS , and an ipad 2 wifi - it drains my battery SOOOO MUCH! I was surprised I'd even noticed,

So please help me :)

iOS 6, Downgrade to iso 5.1.1