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I have divided my computer's hard drive into a Mountain Lion section and a Snow Leopard section. I did this because I have a few applications--two--that are important to me but that are incompatible with Mountain Lion. My Mountain Lion section is just fine, but I need help with my Snow Leopard section; I have installed the Snow Leopard operating system, and I now need to install the data for Flip and  WireTap Studio (both now incompatible with Mountain Lion) and iTunes, and iPhoto (necessary partners for my needs) into the Snow Leopard section. Here's the current situation: Snow Leopard partition (8.6 GB used, 490.37 GB available); Mountain Lion (117 GB used, 382.87 GB available); Time Machine/external hard drive-(435.17 GB used, 64.77 GB available)


I don't know if it is possible, but I would much prefer to take the data I need from the Mountain Lion section than from the (Time Machine/external hard drive), because my external hard drive has been improperly loaded, and it now contains more than three times as much data as actually exists (after getting my Snow Leopard section set up, I will erase and properly reload it. I now have an extra external hard drive that may help in the process). Anyway, if at all possible, I'd like to use the data in the Mountain Lion section of my computer's hard drive.


It seems that the term "data" means different things to different people. The clearest examples I can use are songs in the iTunes library and photographs/slideshows/videos in my iPhoto program. It seems that, if possible, the easiest thing to do would be to simpy drag everything connected with these two applications from my Mountaion Lion section into my Snow Leopard section. I hope I haven't just suceeeed in confusing the issue, but i've just tried to anticipate any questions.

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