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I have lost my Logic 9 update discs (I bought them in Jan to upgrade from Logic Studio 8.) So when I bought my new MBP, I paid to download MS2 from the app store as I need it and can't wait to find the discs which are somewhere in a house in another country.


I downloaded it, installed it and started doing some layouts and patching but when I needed a Playback instance, I couldn't find it in the usual place, I tried both ways - manually adding a channel strip etc as well as dragging it in. Nada. So I downloaded all the additional content. And it's STILL not anywhere to be found!


I used this a lot last winter so unless it has moved since the update provided in the Logic Studio 9 update then it is just not there. How? Why? And how can I rectify this? I need this for projects today!


Thanks for any help/advice

MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2012), Mac OS X (10.7.5), Mainstage 2, Pro Tools 10
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    Click on the instrument plugin slot in the channel strip and it is right there "Playback".

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    I know it should be - but it's not! I can find the Loopback plugin just not Playback.

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    If you can find a Loopback but not a Playback, you are looking in the wrong place!


    1) Create an Instrument Channel:



    Click HOLD on the I/O slot:




    Alternatively, drag an audio file from the Finder onto the channel strip area in Mainstage allowing MS to automatically add a channel strip with Playback already there.




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    Oh my. I fail at life. I feel like a complete idiot. Thank you. On creating a new instrument channel strip, it assumed my input was my EWI and I didn't tell it otherwise. After that, it didn't give the Playback option in the I/O list. *sigh*


    I still don't know why dragging the file in isn't working.


    Or why I was 100% sure I was doing the exact same thing I did for 3 months straight last year.... I'm in idiot.


    Thanks guys