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I would like to completely start over with iCal. I'd like to erase all its info on my Mac, icloud, iPhone & ipad. What is the best way to do this? I'm planning to retype all my events..... bc they are not syncing correctly and keep multiplying for no reason. I've tried to fix this several times but it keeps happening and it's driving me crazy! i just got a new Mac so I'm running that OS.


I was just going to switch to google calendars all together but can't find something that seems to manage everything as well as iCal did when it worked right.


Any help would be appreciated!!!!

iOS 6.0.1
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    Although you did not specify, it sounds like your are attempting to use iCloud.


    Before you consider any nuclear options, you owe it to yourself to review step-by-step iCloud: Troubleshooting iCloud Calendar.


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    I'd rather not use icloud and just sync over wifi to my ipad & iPhone if possible

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    Thanks you, I though I was going crazy.  Just switched from PC to Mac and has been a nightmare.  was using icloud and office for mac and sync services but found out that will not work with mountain lion.  So turned off iCloud and tried just sync services and a cable sync as I was with the PC. Found dozens of multiplying entries.  Decide to delete the duplicates and go back to just icloud, skip outlook altogether but now with almost 100 of some entries.  don't know what to do!!!!


    Like the Mac but never had this with my pc

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    same problem and have not been able to find a way to fix

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    this was so frustrating- my orginial post was from about a month ago and what i've done since then has worked for me....


    I wound up using google calendar as my "online hub" instead of icloud. I imported my ical calendar and deleted all my duplicates (did not have to retype everything as I thought- just delete). I wiped out my calendars on ipad and Iphone and transfered google calendar in.


    So far everything has been working great, they all sync pretty much instantly and I haven't had any problems. I really wanted to use icloud since it was the new thing and all and you would think would work the best with all these apple products, but it was so buggy and just didn't work for me. I am still using icloud for photo stream.


    Hope this helps..... I wasted so much time trying to figure this out! Good luck!!!


    * Also.... wanted to mention that I'm still using iCal as my calendar- just syncing with google calendar to make everything work right. Didn't know if that was clear.

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    Thanks, will try that.  Were you able (or did you even want to) sync notes and reminders through iCloud?

    I really was hoping to be able to use outlook but I realized that is not going to work.  If you spent as much time as I have on trying to maje this work - really feel for you).  Keep thinking I should just go back to Pc but with Windows 8 no guarantee I won't have similar or other issues.

    Have one-on-one at apple this am.  Working on cleaning the duplicates off calendar on the mac and will give the googel sync a try.

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    I did try to sync notes & reminders and couldn't make either work to my satisfaction. I downloaded the free Evernote app and have been using that for my mac, ipad and iphone and it has been great! Reminders I still haven't quite worked out yet- I have a few on there and sometimes they work, but I don't trust them!


    Hope all this works out for you- you are right, all this is enough to drive you crazy