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hi. is there an easy way to turn down all track levels in a session including automation?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
  • chorleyman Level 4 Level 4 (1,420 points)

    Put the main output channel onto the arrange page and automate the volume of that.

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    this defeats the objective which is that all my levels are pushing too hard into the output.


    so... i need to turn them down all together relatively BUT some have automation so dragging the faders around on those tracks wont do anything. they will just jump back to their previous automated positions as soon as you hit play again.


    you understand my point?

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    Ah, OK - yes, I do understand what you mean - in that case, you could put a gain plug on the output channel - rather than adjusting the overall level of each automated track by adjusting the little yellow slider with the command button. I don't think there's a way to do this to all tracks at the same time. If its not to much to pull back, you could just use the main output fader, though there have been convoluted discussions about that in the past.


    I don't think its unusual for people to put gain plugs on individual tracks so as to reduce the overall level of a track without touching the automation - that could be a reasonable idea also.

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    yea thats a good idea.


    i hope logic 10 has a feature that allows this.



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    You can also route the tracks to an aux track, then control the level of whatever track you send there with the volume fader on the aux channel strip.

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    Dear Sir,


    I completely agree to what Mr Chorleyman says. "Inserting  the Gain plug on the output channel".

    It happened also to me,and more then often it is caused by one single channel (ex:bass drum ).


    If the general output is to high ,then indead the best solution is a gain plug.

    If it happenns only on certain moments,to my mind it is better to find out the exact point with automatisation  ON (visible) where it happens,and so it is aesier  to detect the exact point of overload.

    Then in automatisation, you can give a dip on that point, and keep your entire volume untouched.


    Kind regards


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    Recently I found some other way.

    Make the mixer visible.

    change the tracks in TOUCH mode.

    An additional track is created.

    During playback you just move the fader the way you like, up or down , or botch (crescendos for example). Logic "remembers" what you did.

    During next playback, the fader (overall volume of your project) fallows automaticly ,your previous introduced actions.


    This is all explained in all colors of the rainbow in the manuals  ( Exploring Logic Expres, but counts as well for Logic pro 9)


    Kind regards


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    Putting a gain plug at the start of the output channel will work. Logic has a 32bit floating point engine, so headroom isn't really a problem.


    BUT slamming the output bus isn't a good idea regardless, especially if you have eq plugs on the output bus, and even more especially if they are older, 3rd party plugs.


    What I would do is insert a gain plug into the chain of each channel, and suck it back -2 or -4db. Preferably at the end of each chain of plugs, or else you will be changing the input gain of your compressors and distortion plugs. It is quicker to do than you might think. Do one and option drag it to each successive channel. Just be careful to drag mono gain plugs to mono tracks, and stereo ones to stereo tracks.


    Works for me.

  • F~L~E~X~I~S Level 1 Level 1 (80 points)

    Another often overlooked method:


    When you zoom into a track with automation view engaged, you'll see a yellow meter in the Track Header. Click on that meter (whilst holding CMD), & you can adjust all automation up or down in that track (by moving the meter up or down). If you assign all your tracks to a Group, adjusting the automation of one track will adjust all the other tracks in that group relatively. Bare in mind that this method does not adjust send volumes (to reverb busses etc), but you can adjust all your sends together by selecting all your tracks in the mixer page & turning down one. (As with all major edits, make sure you save before experimenting, so that you can revert if necessary).


    http://documentation.apple.com/en/logicpro/usermanual/#chapter=28%26section=8%26 hash=apple_ref:doc:uid:TempBookID-ReplacedWhenAssociatingWithMessierRevision-439 84ATM_SC_0916-SW2


    I try to avoid using gain plug-ins, but when necessary, I use this (free) one : http://www.sonalksis.com/freeg.htm