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First i have to say this is my 4th Iphone and im a huge fan of Apple products. I couldnt wait to get new Iphone5 but now im so disapointed with it. My battery lasts for 4h and i tried all solutions: restarting settings, turning off wi/fi, location services, turning off icloud... I tried every solution i have read here but nothing works. Please can someone tell me whats wrong with the phone cause im so dissapointed that tomorow i will retuent it to the store.... :((( sadly because i really love Iphone but i cant use a phone with 4 hours durability :/

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
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    I am returning mine tomorrow.  I am not going to wait and see if they fix the problem.  My 2 year old heavily used iPhone 4 lasts longer and the worst part is I bought the iPhone 5 so I would get back to normal battery life.  This is a major problem and buyer beware.  Steve jobs has definitely left the building. 

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    Wait... i have found solution... so far its working...

    I found this solutions readig many post here...


    Well first what i did:

    i reset my network settings...

    then i completly removed skype aplication ( i read that has bug that uses phone even you are not signed into skype)

    I deleted my iCloud acc (im not using it because i back up using iTunes)

    Then on 5% off batteries i restarted my phone pressing off and home button at the same time.. then i plugedd it on charger an charge full cycle...

    I tested it...I was using 3G mobile network, browsing on the internet, played games that are using mobile data... and so far after 1h and 13min of usage and 1h and 18 minutes of stand by battery indicates 83%


    I did the math (i hope im right) and at this moment it seems that is working ok


    Sorry im writing from Croatia and here is 01:00 im going to sleep and i will post in the mornig some new informations... if you cant wait try this... If my math is wrong sorry

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    Well i know this is not a complete solution but it can help until the guys from apple solve this problem

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    Now its 61% and usage time is 2h and 17 min, standby (on 3g with email-cheking every hour) is 10h and 17 min... hm... i think its ok now i will see at the end of the day...

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    Now 35%  usage 3:40 (with wi/fi, 3g and location services ON) using facebook, browsing internet, watching you tube videos, calla,playing games) standby is 13h and 16 min

    Hm i think this is ok... What do you think?

    Just to say that my iPhone4 and iPhone4s have same durability so definitely think its not hardware problem but software issue...

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    No that's horrible battery life... It's about what I'm getting, too. It dies 10% in standby while I'm sleeping. iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1 didn't drain even 1% in that scenario. Different software different phone but there is something very wrong! Your battery life is terrible. Return the phone or exchange it. They have got to figure this out.

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    Ok this is the final situation now its on 3% and used time 5h and 6min... standby time is 15h and 6 min


    Yes definitely bad... but the problem is there is no new iphone5s in Croatian stores... and policy is here that if you want new device first Apple technician have to test the old one... so that means 10-15 days whitout the phone...


    Im so mad man... i had all iPhones and this one is worst

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    Just to say that the sadest thing is that i have to search for solution on the internet and spending hours and hours on that when in normal conditions for that amount of money i could spend that time enjoying my phone...

    Apple im not you fan anymore... THANKS FOR EVERYTHING

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    Hm new situation now

    6h from disconecting from charger 5h massive usage 1h stand by 66% hm...

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    Ok 20h from disconecting from the charger i had 7h using the phone with wifi on, location on, 3g on except ( 8h of sleeping) i use it massive playing games, facebook, browsing, calling and i have 32% battery left so far its good for me. Today im going to make finall test if gets worse than this im returnig my phone back.

    I think now battery is good what do you think?

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    I have also an iphone5 16MB. I have supported apple since Vista came public. I built my all everyday work through apple. I bought IMAC, Macbook, iphone (4 devices), ipad. I was very pleased with the work and everything collaborated just fine. I changed my iphone because i wanted a better one and a faster one. Not because there was a problem. Since iphone5. It was not that perfect in battery but it lasted for 1 1/2 days. Then since ios7 it dropped in one.

    Now with ios8 it dropped in half and it turnes off after the indication of the battery shows 37% - 45%. Now I know I have to buy a new phone since my iphone's serial isn't previledged to have a battery exchange.

    It is my work phone, so I use it a lot, I have 3G, 4G, opended skype, mails , contacts everything. I don't get why I should turn them off since that is the reason I bought the **** thing. 5 generations of phones and they can fix a battery problem? Wake up apple we have supported you all those years, and now we want at least the things we saw when we started with you, if you can't handle it tell us to move on...

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    Any Idea how much does Iphone 5 Battery Replacement cost?

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    It depends on the country you are in. For me it is approx. 120€ and 2 days.