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I bought a brand new iphone 4s from sprint 1 month ago and sent it to apple to be fix.  Customer service thought maybe my iphone 4s jumped assembly lines and was sent to the wrong carrier. The Iphone kept  stating invalid sim and had carrier issues.  Two weeks ago I received my replacement iphone 4s and it will not activate due to invalid sim and I need to contact supported carrier.  I have went to the sprint store and they changed the serial number for the iphone listed on my  account thinking this was the problem.  My iphone4s still will not activate. When i connected it to wifi I actually got past the start up screen but still didnt activate and in safari it had my verizon and the manual was for iphone 5.   Then it stated it was connected to cmda network .  This was after i took my sim card out.  With my sim  card installed and  connected to wifi it still wouldnt activate or pass the startup activation screen.    When i disconnect the wifi it goes back to activation start up screen and wont activate.  My carrier is Sprint and this is my 2nd iphone 4s in 1 month. I have tried connecting it to itunes which didnt help and my   phone number was n/a.  
Any suggestions on how to get my iphone 4s to activate and to the correct carrier Sprint I would appreciate it.   The 1st iphone 4s was already updated to the new ios 6.  My second iphone 4s the replacement hasnt upgrade it to the ios6 yet and it has the exact same problem as my first iphone.   My husband got and iphone 4s the exact same day I got mine and he hasnt had any problems.  Ever since I got my replacement phone I havent been able to activate it.  Should I leave the sim card installed and try to see if itunes can  fix the unsupported sim and carrier issue?    Thanks for any info you can give me. I spoke with apple support and they suggested I goto an apple store ..but its an hour away from where I live .... just to far too drive for me right now. 


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