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My iphone 5 does  not memorize the Wi-Fi passwords.

I mean those with a popup screen when you connect to a Wifi network, then type in username/password.



I have to do it every time I connect!!!


My iphone4, and iphone3  used to be fine; Safari memorized those passwords and no re-typing was needed.

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    Had the same problem. I thought I had tried everything and then the answer was so simple (Thanks to a Chris on this forum!).


    Went to 'other' in the list of wifi networks and entered the network name (beware of caps), correct security (in my case WEP) and password. Knew immediately it had worked because the 'forget this network' button appeared in the network details, which it hadn't before. 



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    This does not work for me.


    I am talking about open WIFI networks.


    It's open. But when you are connected, a webpage pops up asking for username and password.

  • JimWilx1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I had the same issue. It's a hardware, wifi antenna issue. I took my iPhone 5 back to the Apple Store and had it replaced. Now my iPhone 5 connects automatically, is a fast as it should be and doesn't drop the connection. You need to change your unit. Annoying but true.