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.Bunny Level 1 Level 1

Looks like my mini has the HDMI issue that others have reported on the macrumors forums as well as here.


Mine exhibits the blank screen/snow issue ONLY when the HDMI port is used.  This happens with HDMI->DVI adapter and also with pure HDMI cabling.


With the same screen, mini and DVI cable this does not occur.


This is a fresh Mini 2012 Server i7 model.


Do I need to report this in an official capacity somewhere (this is only the second ever apple hardware fault I've encountered in twenty years).  Should I just be patient for a possible fix (as I don't need the hdmi port

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 2012 Server i7 2.3GHz, SSD+HDD 16GB
Solved by .Bunny on Dec 15, 2012 1:13 PM Solved

Well I can happily say that since the 1.7 update I have no blank screens or snow.  I have re-calibrated for both DVI and HDMI and now they match up and contrast/brightness are ok. 


For me at least this has cured all the display ills




(to recap my system is a 2012 Mini Server 2.3 with 16GB Crucial kit and running intel 240GB 520 series SSD with the second 1TB HDD). - happily running 10.8.2 with 1.7fw.

Reply by SlipDragon on Dec 15, 2012 12:18 PM Helpful

Fortunately the 1.7 update seems to have resolved my issue. 2 days without a problem.  OS X 10.8.2

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  • Robert Hoffman Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem with me.....I got my mini on 11/01/12 & I bought a new ViewSonic monitor. The screen will go blank & than all to snow. I turn the monitor off & than on and everything is back to normal. I can never anticipate when it will happen. Some days it only happens one time.

    I reported to tech support today, however no answer as to the problem or fix. They want me to send them capture data so their tech gurus can analyse.

    The more posts that I  read I am convinced it is not my monitor.

  • .Bunny Level 1 Level 1

    I should have made it clear that I don't have any issues when using the thunderbolt port with my miniDisplayPort to DVI adapter.


    Only when a hdmi cable is in play does it seem to lose sync ( and it's not the screen or cable as others do the same thing)

  • Ciccilleju Level 1 Level 1

    same problem here: i got random black screens and snowing screens while using the hdmi port, both with adapter or lcd tv connected with the hdmi cable.


    how to fix it?

  • Robert Hoffman Level 1 Level 1

    Contact Apple support...the more people reporting this issue will hopefully find a fix. The tech person I spoke with has requested a capture of my computer so they can view what is going on.

  • ncalliari Level 1 Level 1

    Same here. I have HDMI handshake problems with a Mac Mini 2012 and Epson 5020UBe projector.

    My old Mac Mini 2010 worked fine! There are definitely HDMI problems with this new 2012 Mac Mini.


    Disappointing that with each Mac Mini release we have to wait for Apple to issue a firmware fix for HDMI issues which should have been identified before shipping. This is not the first time a Mac Mini has showstopper HDMI problems on release.

  • Robert Hoffman Level 1 Level 1

    Wondering if anyone else besides .Bunny has tried using a

    Mini DisplayPort to DVI Cable on their new mac mini. If that is viable, I will pick one up & see what happens.

  • Old Guy with Beard Level 1 Level 1

    Well darn it anyways. I have problems too with the HDMI screen going blank, then popping up again.


    I'm also having a problem with the HDMI monitor not being sharp and coloured correctly. Here's what I wrote in a separate thread:


    "I've purchased a brand new late 2012 Mac Mini with 1T fusion drive, upgraded processor and 4 GB of Ram.


    I'm running two 23.6 inch Samsung S24B300 monitors: one through the Thunderbolt port with a HDMI convertor and the other through the HDMI output.


    The monitor running through the Thunderbolt port looks good, with sharp text and excellent colours.


    The monitor running through the HDMI port looks washed out and the text is a bit fuzzy.


    Yes, I've changed around the monitors and the cables etc. The results are the same and the culprit is the Mac Mini, not the monitors or the cables.


    Is this normal?


    Is anyone else running two monitors in this setup?


    Could upgrading the RAM assist?



  • dour Level 1 Level 1

    Same here also - new 2012 Mac Mini with a Samsung 27 inch monitor via HDMI - drops display for a few seconds before recovering - ever 1-2 hours or so.


    So far I have sent a monitor back to Amazon (sorry Amazon) and also replaced a new HDMI cable, with no resolution. Seems like it is the Mac to me.

  • ncalliari Level 1 Level 1

    Am trying a MiniDP to HDMI adapter tonight and will let you all know the outcome.



    If you use two displays like I do, one for a projector and another for a monitor, you could try using the MiniDP adapter shown above for the HDMI output and use the bundled HDMI to DVI connector as DVI out to the monitor, essentially reversing them.

    Am hoping this will work in the interim until Apple fix this nasty HDMI implementation.

  • farhansusername Level 1 Level 1

    Hello. Wow, so display issues are not new to the Mac Mini? Approximately how long did it take for them to acknowledge the issue and to release firmware fixes in the past?

  • Ciccilleju Level 1 Level 1

    well, i don't think a firmaware could fix this. I think it's an hardware issue and they should change something on the videocard/motherboard to fix it. Of course if a firmware could fix it i would be the happiest man in the world since i'm becoming insane with all this screen blinking!

  • Ciccilleju Level 1 Level 1

    i had the mac mini 2011 and i used the same connectors, thunderbolt and hdmi, they always worked fine on mac mini 2011. Now i moved to mac mini 2012 with the same adapters and connectors: now i have these random back screens and snowing screens

  • cesarpixel Level 1 Level 1

    Ciccilleju wrote:


    [...] and they should change something on the videocard/motherboard to fix it. [...]


    In the mean time, if they need to fix the videocard/motherboard, it would be very welcome that they use this modification chance for adding either discrete or external NVIDIA/ATI GPU support to the new Mini. Really welcome (either that, or release the new Mac Pro before Christmas, as no new Mac from the current line meet our needs in this moment).

  • JacobsNJ Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same issue with my 23.5" LG LED 1080P monitor. I know this has nothing to do with the monitor, becase my monitor works perfectly fine with Windows PC with sharp text and images. I have seen 1000s of people reporting the same issue and some unacceptable remedies to correct the issue such as Mini Diplay Port (Thunderbolt) to VGA adapter. Why the heck should I downgrade to get the correct resolution/sharpness when Apple can correct this issue with a software patch?


    I called the tech support just now and they were acting like they never heard of this problem before, on pursuing the tech admitted that they are aware of the issue and said they have no honest solution to this problem yet.


    I have tried every possible methods, thunderbolt to hdmi, hdmi to hdmi and hdmi to dvi. hdmi to dvi is better than all other options. Calibrated the monitor as well. So far no luck.


    Prior to Mountain Lion I have used my MB Pro with mini dislay to DVI and had sharp text/images on the same monitor I am using now. With mountain lion my MB Pro also gives blurry text, so its is clear that Apple messed up big time with hdmi display in mountain lion. Glitches happens, but to admit and correct the issue is understandable, but here apple is playing nasty again! Shame on apple!

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