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    I'm a newcomer to Apple Support Communities so I admit to some ignorance here.  But please, if you're going to clutter my inbox, please clutter it with comments on technical / support issues rather than petty personal attacks. 

  • BobH47 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I really think that you are losing it and again putting words into my mouth. You said:


         In your mind it HAD TO BE a returned product from someone else?"


    Where on earth did you get that from? Let's spell it out in simple English. Following a request from AppleCare in Cork I took my brand new Mini back to the store. They then took a brand new mini from stock, took the cellophane off it in front of my eyes, took me through the set-up process and I took it home to restore my Time Machine backup. So, how on earth do you come to the conclusion that you did? That is a rhetorical question, please do not bother to reply.


    I suggest that we close this discussion because I cannot get a coherent response from you.

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    Would the two of you take this somewhere else?

    We do not want to receive mails from he said - you said...

    Back on topic, please.

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    Agreed! NOBODY here cares about what either of you have to say about each other.  I'm sure there's plenty of other forums where you two can argue and show your immaturity.  The rest of us here are looking for answers as to why our MM's arent working correctly.


    On that note,  I've been having the same issue with my MM, even after I exchanged my first unit for a new one.  I have an appointment at the Genius Bar later this afternoon, I'll report if anything noteworthy happens

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    You and Alberto are quite right, which is why I have asked to cease this exchange.


    My sincere apologies to you both and other readers witnessing this.


    Message was edited by: BobH47

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    I recently purchased 4 Mac Minis and am experiencing HDMI problems with all of them.



    First, they are all connected to multi monitors.  All monitors connected over HDMI experience flickering/black screens.



    Secondly, one which is used as a home theater PC is connected to dual screens, as well (one a projector and one a HDTV).  Here, there is no handshake with the projector connected over HDMI switch.  I have tried with many other computers and all pass HDMI signal through switch and receiver to the projector, but not Mac Minis.  There is also no handshake at all with the HDTV--the screen is black.  None of these problems exist when connected over the Mini DisplayPort.  But since all Mac Minis  are using multiple monitors, using only the Mini DisplayPort is not an option.



    This is not acceptable.  I'm waiting for a solution from Apple.

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    I had said earlier that my two day old Mac Mini was not flickering when set to 1080i........wrong, it is now flickering on 1080i. I also connect via Apple Remote Desktop and now Remote Desktop is having problems displaying the screen. What a cluster you know what! I have heard nothing back from Apple Support. This is really screwed up.



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    Quick update:


    I just returned from an Apple store and after pleading my case with a genius, I received a thunderbolt to hdmi connector free of charge. I've been using it for about 3 hours now and havent had any blackouts (yet).


    Also, he let me know that it is confirmed that Intel has sent the fix over to Apple, and that the fix will be addressed in the 10.8.3 update.  However, he didn't have any type of timeline on when the update will be out.  Overall this seems to be good news.


    If you live near an apple store, see a genius and get a thunderbolt connector.  This is a good enough temporary fix until the patch comes.

  • MyMac8MyPC Level 4 Level 4 (1,450 points)

    Jwheezy123 wrote:


    he let me know that it is confirmed that Intel has sent the fix over to Apple, and that the fix will be addressed in the 10.8.3 update.

    Great update Jwheezy123. Thank you!

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    Thunderbolt to HDMI (female) was also the Fix for me.




    Get the adapter or wait for 10.8.3 or return the Mini. Some users got a free Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter from Apple, so you can try to get one from them if you are lucky.

  • --A--C-- Level 2 Level 2 (290 points)


    I hate to spoil your fix, but I've had the flickering happen with a TB>HDMI adapter too.

    Although I must say it was in a dual monitor setup (samsung HDTV and Samsung SyncMaster monitor).

    Maybe the flickering on one screen triggers it on the other screen too, don't know how.

    The flickering was always on both screens simultanously, about an average of 2/3 times a day, randomly. Once three times in a row in about 20secs time.

    So this is probably a temporary fix if you're using only one monitor.

    I really need a dual monitor setup, so I've returned my MM within the first 14days, until a real fix is proven to work.

    good luck to all of you.

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    What you say is true - if you have a dual monitor and one is conected to the hdmi port, it will cause the flickering in that screen and will happen to the other thunderbolt because the Mini probably detects that the screen in the hdmi port disconect for secconds or millisecconds and will cause the other screen to fliker too (like when you disconect a seccond screen from any Mac computer).


    So for people old and new to this post, a Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter is a 99% probably fix for you until 10.8.3 comes out. It has been a fix for me and for other users. 


    For those users that super need the dual monitor setup and won't return the Mini to buy another computer, you can try a USB to DVI (or to VGA or HDMI) adapter. -This fix is only for dual monitor users that really need the dual monitor setup and cant wait for the FIX from Apple/Intel. If you don't want to spend the money for the thunderbolt adapter nor the usb adapter, call Apple and convince them to gift you both :-)

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    Flickering will go away with the TB to hdmi adaptor And setting the mac mini display setting to anything but 1080p or 1080i.


    I am running TB to hdmi and i have the mac mini exporting the display at 16:9 setting. No issues thus far. As soon as set to 1080 p/i, i see stuttering or flickering esp while playing a movie of netflix.


    However, the color, contrast and white saturations are horrible. Tested the same movie on netflix with apple tv and looked better than mac mini. Dissappointed with apple!!

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    It seems that this thread is attracting many types of problems. Is it possible we are combining unrelated issues in this original thread? Just asking, there could be a connection?


    My display doesn't go blank or flicker. It just goes to a greyish snow with no pattern to it. It has no jiggle or ripple to it. It lasts for about 1 second and then returns without any issues to the OS or apps that are running at the time.


    I did speak to an ( tech today referring him to this thread. I expressed to him that this problem seems more like a hardware issue than a possible software update fix. Which he reluctantly agreed with.  Would any others agree with this?


    I am also looking to purchase a laptop, possible MacBook Air but they also use the same GPU as the MM. I did a search for MBA with display issues and there was some. Any possible connection?


    At the end of our conversation it is my understanding that apple is aware of this issue and there is an internal report (em550) that's not been released to the public yet. Keep looking!


    It would be useful if specific details were included in future posts. Such as a "date code" or  something. I have a revision ID of: 0x0009 for my GPU.

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    Official Response from Apple:


    This is a known issue, and it is specifcally related to a problem with the HDMI interface on the new Intel HD4000 Graphics card.  This means the HDMI output port in the Mac Mini 2012, not using a DVi to HDMI conversion (which works great on my Mini). 


    The solution will be fixed by a firmware update, and so you just have to wait until it comes via Software Update.


    (or of course, return your Mac Mini, which I just might do).

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