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  • OzziesMAC Level 2 (150 points)

    Thanks for the tip waltk, but it simply did not work.  Even if I put the energy saver into never sleep mode the screen flickers, heck it flickers during boot up!  Unacceptable, and lucky for me I am within my return window and Apple is standing by the return policy.

  • viennabuyer Level 1 (0 points)

    Similar solution worked for me too, connecting my 2011 mini to viewsonic hdmi

  • walterfromdallas Level 1 (0 points)

    I am getting the blank screen but only when I boot via BootCamp to the PC side of the operating system. Mac side no issues. All of this happened when I did the 1.7 update to my Mac Mini. 5.2

      Model Name: Mac mini

      Model Identifier: Macmini5,2

      Processor Name: Intel Core i5

      Processor Speed: 2.5 GHz

      Number of Processors: 1

      Total Number of Cores: 2

      L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB

      L3 Cache: 3 MB

      Memory: 16 GB

      Boot ROM Version: MM51.0077.B10

      SMC Version (system): 1.75f0

      Serial Number (system): C07G60S3DJD1

      Hardware UUID: A5BFEA7F-6ECD-5A58-87F5-71ED283BCA


    Can anyone help me with the PC side of this?

  • danielckw Level 1 (0 points)

    My blackout/snow problem only occurs if the screen have been going to sleep/switch off and back on

  • Michael Graubart Level 2 (250 points)

    The more, the merrier, if it encourages Apple to do something about this fault.


    I have a late 2012 Mac mini (bought in the Spring of this year). Here are the details:



    Model Name:Mac mini
      Model Identifier:Macmini6,1
      Processor Name:Intel Core i5
      Processor Speed:2.5 GHz
      Number of Processors:1
      Total Number of Cores:2
      L2 Cache (per Core):256 KB
      L3 Cache:3 MB
      Memory:4 GB
      Boot ROM Version:MM61.0106.B03
      SMC Version (system):



    I at first used it with an ancient Samsung 17" monitor with VGA connection and had no blacking-out problem. Last week I bought a Dell 'professional' P1913S 19" monitor and connected it with a DVI-D to HDMI adaptor. The sharpness of the picture and the blackness of blacks are quite good, though not perfect. But I am now getting the blacking-out of the screen.


    In my case it does not happen often — maybe once in a day of fairly continuous use — and it does not lead to 'snowing', but to a rather sweet, Victorian-greeting-card video! Is that Apple's built-in welcome screen?


    Would I be better off with a DVI-D to mini DisplayPort connection, or a DisplayPort to mini DisplayPort one? The Dell monitor has DVI-D and DisplayPort outputs and the Mac mini has HDMI and mini DisplaPort inputs.

  • stpete111 Level 1 (0 points)

    Wow, kind of glad to see I'm not alone, but also very bummed that there are 23 pages of people experiencing this and there hasn't been a real fix.


    I bought a brand new 2012 Mac Mini yesterday and am having the same issue.  I have the 2.3 Ghz i7 model with the standard 4GB of RAM.  HDMI direct connection (no adapter) to my 27" ASUS monitor which has been a flawless performer with my previous Windows PC. Twice yesterday the screen went black and resolved on it's own after about 5-10 seconds, but the third and last time it happened, it did not resolve at all, and I had to switch the monitor input to DVI then back to HDMI for it to come back on.  This is crazy for an Apple product.  So very bummed that I might have to return my Mini.  I was so excited for it.

  • Tnadu Level 1 (0 points)

    I was also quite disappointed with Apple and returned my 2012 Mini. Since then I have installed a larger and faster hard drive in my 2010 Mini (which has never given me any trouble except having to replace the DVD drive) and have been quite happy.


    For what it's worth, the 2013 Mini should be out before the end of the year with the new HD 5000 graphics that should address this problem. And you'll get the new processors.

  • Michael Graubart Level 2 (250 points)

    Curioser and curioser. First of all, I had no trouble of this kind at all for two whole days. By then I had ordered a DisplayPort to mini-DisplayPort cable and am now running with that. Again no trouble today. Is it the change in the weather?


    More seriously, I have had my late-2012 Mini since April 2013. I don't suppose I can return it now. In any case I have installed many applications and created a huge amount of stuff on it already and it would be devastating to lose all that. But most importantly, if there is a bug in this generation of Minis, should Apple not provide people who have bought the current Mini in good faith with an upgrade — a software one or a new graphics card? Should we not all be pressing for this? 

  • bobmepp Level 1 (5 points)

    It is curious. I will mention again something I said earlier in this discussion, for what it's worth. I got my late 2012 Mini (2.3 i7, 16 GB ram) at about the same time. I have had no problem at all with the display. The only difference between my situation and yours is that I am using the hdmi out. I am not using the Apple supplied hdmi to dvi adapter, as I had a very expensive Auvio brand hdmi to dvi cable. (My Viewsonic VP2365-LED display has only dvi or vga inputs). I had bought the cable 3 years before to use in reverse with a Windows box to connect the dvi on the computer to a monitor with hdmi-in only. I have never thought that expensive cables made much, if any difference, but now I am starting to wonder if this cable is contributing to my lack of problems. I also wonder if the higher ram is helping to avoid problems as the video ram goes up to 768 mb when there is 16 GB of ram. Anyway, I'm not going to rock the boat by using the thunderbolt port for display purposes as I'm saving it to use with a yet to be determined thunderbolt raid array for backing up. That, in turn, will be used with a future iMac or Mac Pro. If unsolvable problems suddenly do arise, I will be firmly requesting an update to that new Mini with the HD 5000, as I purchased Apple Care.

  • stpete111 Level 1 (0 points)

    Bobmepp, thank you for that information.  Admittedly I did not read all 23 pages of this thread.  I will be upgrading my RAM to 16 GB tomorrow and will see if the problem goes away.  If not, I really don't want to return the computer and I'd be willing to use a Thunderbolt-to-DVI adapter as that seems to be the "fix," but then my one TB port is used up.  I know the right thing to do is take it back but the thought of waiting for the next line of Mini's to come out is not a good one as I just retired my last PC to the graveyard yesterday and replaced it with the Mini.  So if the new Mini's don't come out in 30 days, I'm w/o a home computer.

  • bobmepp Level 1 (5 points)

    stpete111, I do want you to know that I didn't have the problem with 4 gb ram either, for about a month before I upgraded to 16 gb. Multiple variables can make it hard to figure out causes and effects.

  • stpete111 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok thanks, good to know.

  • Michael Graubart Level 2 (250 points)

    More information: I have now been running with the DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort cable, and this evening the toublr recurred. So no different from the HDMI connection.


    Very curiously, as I said in an earlier post, my screen does not go into a snowstorm, but into a little video; and I have identified it as  a Jacqui Lawson musical greeting card.


    My graphics card is Intel HD Graphics 4000 512 MB.

  • Michael Graubart Level 2 (250 points)

    PS: This may be relevant in pursuing the cause of the black screen/snowstorm/video problem — or may be a rather banal discovery; I don't know which. But I went to the Jacquie Lawson website, found the relevant greeting card, searched for its name on my computer and discovered that in [my computer's name]/Library/Screen Savers there were two screensavers dated 2007 that i must have downloaded from the Lawson website onto my old computer years ago and transferred to my new Mac mini earlier this year along with a lot of my other stuff.


    Strangely, they have different names and identifying numbers, but both when double-clicked play the same video (based on one of the Lawson greeting cards).  (It is also odd that they must be PPC-compatible screensavers, yet play on the present Intel machine.) Whether this means that a copy of one of them is still embedded somewhere but was not uncovered when i searched remains to be seen.


    In any case I am about to write to Apple to request information and a promise of some kind of update, soft or hard, for purchasers of the 2012 Mac mini, and it would be good if all the subscribers to this string of posts would do the same in order to pile on the pressure.

  • Kung-Foo-Kamel Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a late 2012 Mac Mini, I7, upgraded to 16GB ram and 2 250GB SSD's, this unit has been running flawlessly with 1 Thunderbolt Display for 6 months, absolutly supurb computer, I just lashed out yesterday and purchased a second Thunderbolt display after checking apples support site, it clearly states it will run 2.


    First issue: the moment I connected the display, it fired up and worked...awesome I thought, then it starts to refresh, it blanks out for second then back on again, off again and so on, then all of a sudden my original one starts, this is followed by odd graphical glitches and constant flashing, I think ok maybe she needs a restart, so I reset the SMC and the PRAM, reboot the system and...


    Second Issue: the main screen starts then goes blank and only the second screen works, im like whattha? so I unplug them, then plug back in and bam they work, then you guessed it, flicker, black, on, off, constantly.


    Ok so I decide to test both displays on there own, and yes they function perfectly, so I swap them around, still the problems persist, so I then pull out my Macbook air, plug them both into that and they function perfectly, even with the Macbook display running as well, so its not a "performance" issue as the Mac Mini has far more powerful CPU/iGPU.


    So I stumbled upon this MRC stuff from a post in the intel forum and I decide to try removing one of my ram chips, and to my supprise it worked, I tested it a few times and everytime I leave 2 chips in there, I have all these issues with my displays, take one out and the machine functions perfectly.


    This makes me quite ****** off, there is no mention of this issue on the support website, the Mac Mini is quite slow at encoding video now with only one ram chip in there, this is an obvious flaw that would have been apparent during testing.


    I could have saved my money and waited if I had known about this issue first


    Here is copy of my boot rom version


      Boot ROM Version:          MM61.0106.B03

      SMC Version (system):          2.8f0

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