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Gerald F Level 1 (5 points)

Most of the Apple computers I still use seem to be in the list of vintage or obsolete products (G4 Cube, Performa (need SCSI), 17" G4 iMac, 15" G4 Powerbook), and even my Power Mac dual G5 seems to be on the endagered list. It was always possible to get details (like access to the battery, remove the hard drive) from the support site, but now this information has disappeared.


It would not be reasonable to expect Apple to continually update this sort of info, but it seems a pity if it has just been deleted: are there archives available?


I'm unwilling to dump older design classics, perfectly able to do simple word processing and internet access/e-mail, just because they are no longer current models. It's not very green. I have got a new Macbook Pro, iPad, iPhone and iPod, so I am still supporting the company financially. Can I get some old files in return, please?


Gerald Freshwater

Shetland Isles