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I'm trying to use HomeSharing using my iTunes on an HP PC running Windows 7, an iPad and an iPod and an iPhone 5. I'm getting a message that my Bonjour has been disabled. I can't find the program to reenable it so after reading a suggestion that I reinstall iTunes. I did that and now have version I still get the same message and I don't see Bonjour on the computer

Windows 7
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    In your Start menu, right-click "Computer" (or "My Computer" if using XP) and select "Manage".

    Expand "Services & Applications".

    Open "Services". (Perhaps maximise the screen to better see what's going on.)

    Right-click the Bonjour Service and select "Properties".

    In the General tab, set the Startup type to "Automatic":


    bonjour service set to automatic.png


    ... and click OK.


    Restart the PC. Do you still get the message about the service being disabled?