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Here's an annoying issue.


When I install Windows 8 on my 13" rMBP, I get this on the login screen:




4/5 of the screen is black, but I can see my cursor in the blue area.


Now, If I hook the MBP up to an external monitor via a DVI cable, both the MBP screen + monitor display fine. When I disconnect it from the external monitor, it does this again, giving me a squished are of what looks to be like 500 pixels.


Is there a fix for this?


Apart from this one issue, everything else in Windows 8 works fine.



MacBook Pro with Retina display
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    I had this same issue. If you can, plug in an external monitor and it will work. Once you get all the drivers installed this won't happen anymore.

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    Just the regular bootcamp drivers?

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    How does the 13" MBPR do on battery life in Windows 7/8 considering there is no dedicated graphics card?


    Also because the 13 MBPR only has intel integrated graphics, does that mean bootcamp has graphics support for that chip?


    Will those drivers from the 13 work on a 15 MBPR?

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    Phillll --


    Would you be able to copy/zip/upload the WindowsSupport folder that was created for while making the Windows installation files? I have a feeling it is version 4.1 of Bootcamp and want to see if I'm right.

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    I had the exact same issue.  I suspected it was related to screen resolution but had no good way to get around it since setup had not yet completed.  The issue appears to be that the second phase of Windows 8 setup attempts to set the screen to its maximum resolution...Unfortunately this causes the issue described with nothing but a blue band at the left edge of the screen.


    I can confirm that Attaching an external monitor via HDMI (or I suspect Thunderbolt > VGA) will allow you to change the resolution to anything lower and then complete the setup.  I spent several hours fighting this until finding this thread.  TEMPORARILY USING AN EXTERNAL MONITOR WILL WORK TO FIX THIS PARTICULAR ISSUE!  Yes, it is a pain but at least it is a workaround.  FYI, I ended up setting the resolution to one notch from the maximum and it worked just fine.  I installed the bootcamp windows support drivers as well but the key is most definitely resetting the screen resolution with an external monitor attached.

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    I have found the problem and fixed it i am running at normal retina resolution on windows 8, after installing bootcamp 4.1 which is using the wrong HD 4000 display driver right click on my computer and go to device manager. Look for intel graphics 4000 and right click on it and go properties then update driver by doing online search this then installs the correct driver so no more need for connecting to external display. Everything works perfect.