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Hi all,

I have an iPhone 5 which worked perfectly with ios6.0 and I had none of all of the reported issues with that version. I now have updated to ios 6.0.1 and am facing major issues making calls. My cellular network shows 4 bars but none of  my calls  hook the network and I cannot make calls, unless I switch off/on the airplane mode. But it would only work back for few minutes. . My phone is not even ringing when people call me. It goes directly to voicemail.


Anybody experiencing this problem?  Is it a hardware issue?


I must say, at the same location, my blackberry works perfectly.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
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    I have the exact same issues after upgradig two Iphone 4Ss and exact same location working beautifully before upgrade having these problems. I additionally when I am on a call the phone drops after talking for some time and the person on the other end of the line cannot hear me properly with distorted voice.


    Also, sometimes when the 4 bars are showing for signal strength the data signal 4G is gone and it keeps coming and going randomly. This all used to work perfectly in IOS 6.0. Very frustrated with this update and thinking that this is by far the worst update since I bought the 1st Iphone 3 when it was launched. Hope that there is some fix as critical phone functionality not working and unstable making the device unreliable for phone calls.

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    I did a full restore and phone has completely stopped working.. complete disaster since the first Iphone i bought several years ago... very frustrated.. please fix HELP...

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    Might add that cellular data has also stopped working... which is also really bad

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    Thanks Desai4. Glad that I didn't do a full restore.....


    Called Apple, and they will do an Express Exchange.

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    Let's hope my current iphone will last until next Wednesday....

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    Not sure if this is a hardware issue.. I have two perfectly working iphone 4Ss which are having these problems after this update.

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    will tell you if it comes as a 6.0.1 and if it works. If it comes as 6.0, I won't  update for now if it works, until they release a more stable upgrade.

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    Is your restore working now?

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    Ok.. after I had left my house and come back.. everything seems to be working ok... My house has wifi and probably something must have reset.


    This was very strange.

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    Also, I think there could have been something wrong with the AT&T towers in the area because of the storm in the north east, however the error reporting from the iPhone showing the bars and the data 4G symbol could have been misleading.

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    So no issue any longer?


    Apple sent me a new iPhone with iOS 6.0.

    I haven't and will not upgrade and it works perfectly now definitely a software issue

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    Yes.. No issue any longer.. woking ok..

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    I'm having the exact same problem, its the most frustrating thing ever. it just goes straight to call failed. then sometime i will lose everyting and it will go to sos only. even if i have 5 bars reception i still have the call failed and cant send recieve text or calls.

    This is on the iphone 5


    So, today i went to my apple store and they swapped over the iphone and i went home and switched it on and got it all up and running & found that it was just running ios 6.0.0 and was working great.......... until, i did the upgrade not thinking anything bad and the BAM! Back to square one, its horrible. It has to be software issue not hardware, so dont waste your time, like i did and go to the apple store. It is definately the latest upgrade of ios 6.0.1



    how do i go back to ios 6.0.0



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    I didn't upgrade to 6.0.1 on my replacement iPhone 5 as was convinced of a software issue since previous iPhone started to loose connection after upgrade. 6.0.0 works great now. No issues. DON'T UPGRADE IF YOU GET A NEW ONE, AS THERE IS NO WAY TO DOWNGRADE

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