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    I support your position (which ever way you decide to go)  just remember apple support is their if you ever need them,  I do not have win8 as of yet so I couldnt join you in this execise -

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    Indeed the version number is listed as 4.0 and not 5.0, however Mountain Lion clerly listed as relevant and this is the latest and main Boot Camp documentation.


    Also the following document list similar information and listed as Mountain Lion related:


    As well both of the documents were modified during November...

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    This does seem to be the definitive post. Wish it had turned up when I did the search - could have saved a lot of time.


    However, I do think it was an important discovery that having external HDs attached prevented Windows 7 (and possibly Windows 8) from rebooting. I suspected a control war for the HDs between the two systems because I've experienced it with Parallels 7. Sometimes it has been almost impossible to get a peripheral to be owned by the system in which I needed it. In any case, I was able to get an inexpensive first day issue of a Windows 8 Upgrade that I'll probably use in due course.


    And this was an interesting introduction to the forums. thanks for your help!

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    so sunday i was able to get win8  32bit running...  partitioned the drive ~60 gig for windows, then loaded xp sp2 updated to sp3 (2 hours of updates restarts etc... using drivers from my gray OS Cd )  then i was able to upgrade from INSIDE xp to win8 installd bootcamp (the drivers you download from osx bootcamp). it seemed to run ok...... booted, and rebooted several times  however it was only using 3 of my 12 gigs of ram ( i understand that is a limitation of the 32bit os the other 9 were seen just not used ).   it did crash several time while playing a gaame but from what i saw online that was probably an issue with the RAM not the OS



    deleted that now im attempting to go for a 64bit install ..... wish me luck Ill post back later and i'll tell you how it went...


    2011 imac 27" i7

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