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I am on current version of Logic Pro and running a 2008 MacPRo Intel Xeon,

a) 3GHz CPU speed

b) 2 processors

c) 4 cores per processor=8 cores altogether


TIme for a new computer, Any advice please:-


1) What's the most important of the 3 factors

a) CPU Speed

b) number of processors

c) number of cores


2) Main system drive choices:
a)  Have you found using a SSDrive a big difference in performance cf a normal 3.5 7200rpm drive.

b) any experience anyone in terms of using a 10000rpm drive or an enterprise drive?


3) Any thoughts of the sweet spot for RAM

a) 16G or more (is the significant price difference worth it?

b) 3rd party brands recommendations vs apple RAM from Store?


Thanks for any thoughts.






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    If you can hold off for a while word going around is the MacPro will get an update in the next round. The latest bridge is important to get the most out of the processor. SSD drives are nice for quick access to samples. I normally buy minimal drive and memory then fill up with 3rd party products.