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I recently added a SSD to my Mac, and kept the old HDD as second drive for storage purposes. The aim was to run MacOS and Windows from their respective partitions on the SSD. The Bootcamp FAQs state that this could even be achieved on the system partition:


"Boot Camp Assistant creates a second partition on your existing startup disk for the Microsoft Windows operating system, or allows you to install Microsoft Windows on another drive if you have more than one internal hard drive installed. Boot Camp Assistant does not erase your existing partition or existing Mac OS X installation when it creates a new partition for Microsoft Windows."



The problem is, I already partitioned the SSD before cloning my old drive onto it, but with the system internal Disk Utility. When I choose the SSD during setup, this happens:


Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 9.02.29 AM.png


I can not only use my designated Win partition on the SSD, but also not even have bootcamp chop off another part of the MacOS system partition (which I might accept as a workaround at this point). Is there any way around this? Could I, maybe, merge the partitions back together, hoping that bootcamp will accept an undivided drive?

Mac mini (Mid 2011), OS X Mountain Lion