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I'm now using a root CA which was listed above.

But when I try to connect WLAN via EAP with RADIUS initially, I should click the accept button for the certificate of the RADIUS Server.

Why should it work?

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1
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    I'm still looking for the reason.

    Isn't there any way which can avoid the verification for a public certificate of authentication server using EAP-TLS.


    Why should I click the accept button in initial step for authenticating with RADIUS server using EAP-TLS although the root CA of the server certificate is listed in the default trusted CA on iOS?

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    Hi Felix,


    Is there an intermediate CA that yould not be trusted from IOS?. I have been having the same issue with a public CA certificate where the intermediate CA in this case, Entrust L1C certificate would not be trusted. I have added the intermediate certificate in IOS ans the problem was solved.