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I originally bought all three apps, keynote, numbers, and pages, through my iphone. Just recently I purchased a mabook air. I want to use these apps on my mac. I tried to download it from the app store thinking that it would not charge me again, but it seems like it will charge me!! How can I re download these apps without being charged twice. Thanks!

MacBook Air, iOS 6.0.1
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    the app for iPhone, iPad and iPod are completely different to the application for Mac.

    Mobile apps do not work on Mac

    Mac applications do not work on mobile devices.


    for iPhone you need to buy iOS apps  iOS apps


    for Mac you need to buy Mac applications   Mac OS Applications



    You can send Keynote, Pages and Number project files to mobile devices from a Mac, so you can look at the contents of a Keynote presentation on an iPhone created on a Mac.