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Hi there,


I wish to show student a specific sequence from a DVD that I own and for which I have the videoTS folder.

The thing is that the movie is with subtitles and I would like to show the subtitles with the movie.

I could not find a way to solve my problem


This is what I have done:

1) make sure that the videoTS was indeed showing the subtitles when I play it withh DVD player.

2) open the videos TS files with Mpeg Streamclip , no subtitle showing

3) open video TS files with VLC no subtitles


How can I get the subtitles showing in an application that I could use to edit and cur out only the part I want to show the students ?

Playing the DVD to find the sequence would not be very nice, because it would require more time than I can spend with them.


Anyway to import video TS files in FCP or imovie and edit then ?


Hope all that is clear ....


Thanks in advance



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    Use HandBrake. It has the ability to include Subtitles when it converts the muxed file to an h.264 format.


    If you want to be able to edit the resulting file easily, you'll need to convert it to another format after HandBrake is finished.



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    Thanks a lot for that ! Great.

    Actually I tried handbrake before but I did not notice the "subtitle" box ....

    By the way, where are the subtitles in the video TS files ?