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Hi there,


I wish to show student a specific sequence from a DVD that I own and for which I have the videoTS folder.

The thing is that the movie is with subtitles and I would like to show the subtitles with the movie.

I could not find a way to solve my problem


This is what I have done:

1) make sure that the videoTS was indeed showing the subtitles when I play it withh DVD player.

2) open the videos TS files with Mpeg Streamclip , no subtitle showing

3) open video TS files with VLC no subtitles


How can I get the subtitles showing in an application that I could use to edit and cur out only the part I want to show the students ?

Playing the DVD to find the sequence would not be very nice, because it would require more time than I can spend with them.


Anyway to import video TS files in FCP or imovie and edit then ?


Hope all that is clear ....


Thanks in advance