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I've been using Mail for a long time. I have an imap account with my hosting provider. People have been telling me to switch to Gmail. Here are the pros and cons as I see it:


Pros/Cons - Gmail vs Mail:


Gmail Pros:

- I can use gchat while I work in email.

- I can access it anywhere without needing software.


Gmail Cons:

- there's no drag and drop

- it's very "clickity" and more manual. Creating folders for instance is more manual and I'm not sure how I feel about labels vs folders.


Mail Pros:

- it's native to Apple for what that's worth.

- I'm used to it and already have info stored and organized.

- I can hide Mail without hiding every window in my browser.


Mail Cons:

- since running the latest Mac OS X update, I find the new version difficult and confusing to use. The left-column list mode which I can't see to change is uncomfortable and I feel like emails get burried more easily and are more difficult to scan.

- no gchat


Does anyone have an opinion or preference about my dilemma?


Thanks in advance!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)