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how do you connect and sync ipod in windows 8

iPod touch, Other OS, windows8
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    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities


    iTunes isn't compatible with Windows 8, so wait for an update

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    This post should be flashing in a large red font on Apple's Support home page!

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    At the time of the posting it was accurate.

    As of now, iTunes IS compatible with Windows 8.

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    I'm running Windows 8 Pro. I've downloaded the latest version of ITunes. When it iTunes comes up, I authorize my PC and nothing more then an iTunes interface comes up.


    It will not recognize any of my iPods or iPad. I can't sync to reinstall my apps or music. iTunes is bascially a shell. Thank God I don't have an iPhone. Of course, I don't have the balls to connect my Windows 8 phone to my PC either.


    So, in my view, iTunes 11.X doesn't work with Win 8 Pro.


    I realize that most of the people in this community is quite adept at manipulating a PC. I contend that if they had to have the same level of knowledge of knowing how a car works in order to use it, none of them would drive.

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    Have you installed Media Center for Windows 8?  I've seen several postings indicating that Media Center installs some necessary functionality to Windows to make iTunes work properly.

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    I requested the free product code this morning.


    I'm waiting on BIll Gates et al to send me a product code as we speek!


    Hopefully, that's the solution I'm looking for.



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    I'm still not able to sync a Ipod Classic with Itunes 11 and Windows 8.  I need a fix or this ipod or I have no reason to purchase anything from iTunes.  Any help out there?